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Our most popular service. Here, we go one step further and completely revamp your application for you. You provide us with some basic information, then we go away and handcraft the perfect application. With our help, your submission form will immediately catch the firms’ attention and accelerate you to the next stage.

If your document is more than 3,000 words then contact us for a special discount.

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The training contract application is equally important as it is difficult. It is arguably the most fundamental aspect of your entire law application. Often, students fall short before they even write a word. The first common mistake is to apply to hundreds of firms at a time. Writing legal applications are so time consuming that if you applied to hundreds of law firms each cycle, it would be impossible to read the required level of quality. Pick a number of law firms and research them inside-out; their ethos; their expertise; their partners; their future projects, and so on. Spend twice as long researching half the number of firms, or better yet spend four times as long researching a quarter of the number of firms. Personalise the application to the extent that the firm does not need to ask: “why us?” The firm should feel that you don’t just want a training contract at any firm; you want a training contract at their firm.

Many students fall under the trap of churning out information until they reach the word count. Like any skill or trade, a thought-out strategy is required. There is a methodology to each training contract application. At Insider Training we have a well-varied team with a plethora of experience in writing applications for various types of firms.