One to One Consultation

The undivided attention of a solicitor. Are you unsure about how to prepare for the interview stage? Perhaps you’re worried about the assessment centre or vacation scheme? You might even be wondering if a career in law is really for you.

Our one-to-one consultations offer the unique opportunity to gain insight from someone on the inside. No matter the question, our solicitors are here to provide you with expert advice and guidance.


Every successful lawyer is an expert at failure. If you’ve ever met a solicitor that hasn’t had an application rejected, we would certainly like to meet him – because we never have. The application process is so demanding and the competition is so fierce that rejection will almost become an expectation. The key word however is “almost”. The key is to learn from each rejection; ask for feedback; analyse your mistakes; think on how to improve. We don’t just offer training contract tips but we also provide application help, guidance, and more. The most important part of failing is learning from that failure. The key to this is improving from each application by adding more quality, being more succinct, and developing a writing style that is conducive to your training contract application. Insider Training provides these services along with ensuring your application is excellent, but also helps you to develop yourself effectively during your legal career.